Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need Social Media?


Social media is where your target audience is. Apart  from maybe a couple of rare exceptions, people of all ages, interests,  and socio-economic statuses are on social media. Every popular Social  Media platform has a bigger reach than all TV channels combined. 

Do I need a Social Media Marketing Manager?


To answer this question, let's first take look at what  Social Media Marketers do:

  1. Manage a publishing calendar
  2. Schedule posts
  3. Curate content
  4. Monitor brand mentions and keywords
  5. Engage with customers and partners (i.e. reply to all comments, reviews, questions on Social Media)
  6. Review analytics and determine next steps

These are just to name a few responsibilities. So do you need to hire a specialist? That depends on your budget, and your ability to provide yourself these these services on top of the other responsibilities that comes along with being a business owner.

Which social media platforms should my business have a presence on?